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The Photo Business School 

 Hosted by Megan and Fredrika of The PhotoCEO Podcast

A proven success system designed to take you from overlooked to fully-booked in any saturated market.


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In this program we...

  • Learn how to build a brand that is unique and draws the right clients in.

  • Learn how to sell our sessions at the right price, with confidence.

  • Learn how to say 'no' to the inquiries you know in your gut won't be a good fit.

  • Master our mindset and say goodbye to that nagging imposter syndrome.

  • Quit our day jobs (finally) and have the freedom to control our calendars.

Reality check - 


You’ve been stuck in comparison and it’s crushing your business spirits. All you want to do is hit new goals but right now you’re feeling lost in all the

could do, should do, might do. 

No matter how good your daily affirmations are, or how many tarnished pennies you toss into that wishing well, you have no idea how to get your business to stand out in the saturated market you’re in. 

The results we're after FOR YOU

"This has been the most valuable investment I have made, other than my actual camera."


"I was blown away by the depth of content that pushed me out of my comfort zone from the very beginning. I love that I was challenged weekly to make changes to my thought, mindset, habits or processes. The homework often made me deeply consider how I was going about my life, my business and what I really wanted to achieve.
I was constantly encouraged to take action, really beginning the transformation into being the person and PhotoCEO that I aspire to. I gained so much especially from the early weeks around mindset as this has always been a process and a challenge for me, but for once I began to believe that my dream is possible.
The entire program felt like a large, like-minded community encouraging, sharing and learning together. And this includes Megan and Fredrika who openly shared all of themselves with us. I now listen to them talk whenever I need a positive lift, encouragement or kick in the pants."
-Sarah Croft Photography

"During the course I quit my day job and went full time!"


"During the [course] I...

-Quit my day job and went full time

-Made breakthroughs on my social media 

-Fine tuned my first initial inquiry/sales call strategy

-Started outsourcing my editing.

Overall it was a great experience and I was sad to see it end. I enjoyed the weekly group training and coaching calls very much."

-Sarah Rolles Photography

I know it feels hard to imagine now,

But you can step into the role of a CEO even if … 

...every time the word "Imposter" jumps in your mind it makes you break out in a cold sweat, roll your eyes, or duck for cover!


...even if your insta following right now is an empty haunted house with broken shutters 


...even if you’re working ‘round the clock—and then hopping in a time machine and going back to get more work done before tomorrow!


...even if you don’t have a full client roster that rivals your competition. (In fact, you’d consider it downright puny.)

It happened for them it can happen for you too

Introducing Your Photo Business School

A complete 12-month group program designed to transform you from overlooked photographer to fully-booked PhotoCEO.

And we're not going to give you just one more piece of the puzzle.

You'll get over 18 years of knowledge packed into one course so that you can finally complete your business puzzle and

never have to buy another course on the same topic again.


If you've ever identified as a procrastinator or perfectionist, we've got you covered too.

One of your coaches, Fredrika, has been a photographer for 13 years and has worked across Canada and internationally.

She studied Photojournalism, Psychology and Business and has recently become a member of The Coaching Institute, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

She went from booking 1 - 2 shoots per month to 2 - 4 shoots per week after working with her own mindset coaches and realizing how important mindset strategy was in following through on business strategy.

Her goal is to help you HELP YOURSELF so that you can stop holding yourself back and start living the life you want.

Expect to feel seen and understood, but also expect to be held accountable to using the mindset tools she lays out when you're stuck in a mindset rut. 

So, you've read this far... Let's chat about the program details.
You'll get:


  • 70+ lessons split into 3 phases so you know what to do no matter where you're at. From starting your business to $10k months, we've got you covered!

  • FB community support so that you can have support and feedback while you grow your business.

  • 12 months of  group coaching calls (2x per month) to tackle specific topics, give advanced support and have a sense of belonging.

  • Course access for a full year so that you can test and re-test our strategies!

Let's Break Down the 3 Phases inside PBS

Phase One: Strengthen

Building A Rock-Solid Business Foundation

In the first phase, you can expect to build and strengthen the foundation of your business.

The last thing we want is for you is to end up being one of those photographers whose business crumbles at the first sign of full-time.

You'll get full comprehensive training on:

  • Choosing the right business name.

  • Setting up your business bank accounts.

  • How to make your business legal.

  • Setting a business vision, mission and niche.

  • Creating your ideal client profile.

  • The steps to create a recognizable brand that stands out.

  • Setting up your social media and bio's that will impress anyone who looks at your profile.

  • An entire website framework (say goodbye to guessing what you need and where to put it all).

  • Our recommendations for client management software.

  • Power pricing strategies and how to create attractive offers.

  • Bookkeeping set up.


    An entire mindset toolbelt that gives you short, simple strategies for:

  • Handling inevitable rejection.

  • Building confidence.

  • Using fear, imposter syndrome and negative comparison to your advantage.

  • Setting personal and professional boundaries.


 Our essential gear list, brand kit template, how to guides for setting up your social media bios, a complete website framework, 20% discount for the photographer-focused CRM we recommend, a power pricing spreadsheet that tells you exactly what you should be charging every year, a quickbooks discount and budget spreadsheet, and our fail-proof template for getting rockstar reviews.

Phase Two: Growth

Booking out your calendar with dream clients

After setting the foundation for you business...

It's time to stand out with our business and money-making strategies that you will not find anywhere else. Get ready to not only sky-rocket your inquiries, but watch the raving reviews and referrals roll in.



  • Get your time back by creating an impressive, automated client process that will get clients raving about you.

  • Set your yearly goals and break them down into easy, achievable activities that leave you feeling confident and focused instead of confused and incapable.

  • Confidently talk to local vendors and businesses about becoming a preferred vendor (hello referrals!)

  • Edit at lightning speed with Megan's editing tutorial (how many more shoots could you book ($$$) if you weren't stuck at your computer editing for hours on end?).

  • Identify and reach your ideal client on social media with our proven Social Media Process.

  • Increase your booking rate with our proven sales call process and sales script.

  • Handle any pricing objection with confidence (newsflash: your potential clients should have objections, especially if you're priced right).

  • Create a unique, irresistible offer clients that followers and clients actually want.

  •  Design a kick-ass referral program that keep your clients telling others why they need to book with you all year long.

  • Create impactful discounts that leaves you feeling empowered instead of taken advantage of.

    ...And more!


Megan's step by step business processes, budget templates, a customizable copy of Megan's lead to client process, customizable email templates, a start-to-finish sales script, a blog SEO checklist and full year of blog ideas, an entire guide for how to network with other vendors and businesses, a long list of ideas where to get the maximum number of inquiries.


Phase Three: Freedom

Getting Your Time and Freedom Back

It's time to drop the "photographer, marketer, social media manager, bookkeeper, admin" labels and finally sit in ONE seat: PhotoCEO.

Unless your goal is to be overwhelmed, it's not cute or impressive to try and do everything yourself.

Doing everything yourself is keeping you blocked from booking more jobs and actually earning $100k+ with your sanity and passion for photography still intact.



  • How to get your time back by optimizing your workflow and booking system automations.

  • What you need to outsource first and how to hire your first team member.

  • How to put together your team training folder and what needs to be in there.

  • How to outsource editing to AI, professional editor or VA.

  • What you need to know for outsourcing your social media.

  • How to create an awesome job description and how to pick out the right applicants.

  • What to ask in your interviews and what to say to those who weren't hired.

  • How to onboard your new team members.

  • How to manage yourself as a leader.

  • How to manage a small team.

  • How to fire a team member if it's not working out.

And with all of that ready to go...

  • How to create ads and boosted posts so that you can take your bookings to the next level.  


Templates to easily track what's working on your social media, a template to track your sales, job description templates, interview templates and an onboarding process - plus much more!


 It’s ENTIRELY too easy to fall (head first) into the “I’ll just do it myself and save truckloads of money” trap...

...And it IS a trap.

It’s slower than cold syrup (<-- Rough Estimate) to try to learn everything on your own when you're also trying to start a business, grow a business, and run a business.... especially when your mind is trying to keep you safe (by sabotaging you) every other day.  And meanwhile, someone else is working with the clients that are meant for you and building the dream life that you want because they did ask for help along the way. 

Before you ask, we can't offer 1:1 coaching sessions for quicker transformation...

...but someone else definitely CAN.

For the cost of a pretty decent used car ($10k - $18k), you can hire another photographer to mentor you 1:1 for 40+ hours with no guarantee of your money back if you don't get results (been there, it doesn't feel as great as you might think).

They might help you grow, if they know how important mindset and identity transformation is and they don't just give you how-to steps that make you reliant on them the next time you have a question and need help. 

Though if you’re anything like us, you want to be able to face any problem without having to hold someone's hand every time.

What's that saying? Something about... give a man a fish and he can eat for a day... teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. We'll take lifetime tools and skills every day of the week, a-thank you. 

The solution is simple then.

Master self and business transformation YOURSELF with a program that can guide you—without chucking your time and money into the nearest flaming trash can (like Fredrika did when she spent 6+ years in photojournalism and business college and walked out with 65k in student loan debt.......that IS another option too if that's your jam).

Rather than learning from one photographer who charges a minimum of $250/hr for mentorship (and who likely doesn't have a completely formulated 9-month mindset and business transformation system), or spending hard-earned money on obscene tuition fees, you can learn from the mindset and business training that two photographers have gone through.

You have the option right now to learn from the Mistakes and Wins that two Photographers have experienced, and you DO get a full mindset and business transformation system that you get to keep and refer back to for a full year.

Not to mention, you will be a valued member of a fabulous community of heart-centered photographers from around the globe who all want to support you in your journey and not just talk the talk of #communityovercompetition.

Yes, we walk the walk and can't wait to support the sh*t out of your next #win or answer your request for help.



Bonus # 1 Mini Money-Maker Guide ($1000 Value)

Megan's Mini-Session Money-Maker Guide will give you the how-to steps to host your next mini session day and make your next $1000 FAST!

Bonus # 2 A Recorded 3-Day Workshop ($500 Value)

Start your time as a PBS student with this life-altering workshop hosted by Fredrika and Megan in March 2022. 

Day One:

Discover Your Photographer Identity and Where You Are Holding Yourself Back in Business

Day Two:

How to Create Money on Demand With the Followers You Already Have

Day Three:

Your Mindset Frame Work and How to Use Imposter Syndrome to Your Advantage Instead of Letting it Use You

Bonus #3 Build Your Business in 30 Minutes or Less Per Day ($200 Value)


We created this guide with the help one of our photographer students who is also a mom of FOUR.

This bonus is a simple guide that provides INVALUABLE, clear direction for those of you who:

Have kids

Have another job

Have health issues that zap your energy

Bonus # 4 A Recorded 2-Day Facebook Ads Workshop ($1500 Value)

In phase 3, you'll get access to a Facebook Ads workshop taught by industry experts. 

Day One:

Why use Facebook Ads?
Business manager VS boosted posts.
Various types of Facebook Ads.
How an effective Facebook strategy can help your photography business.
What is needed for a Facebook campaign to work.

Day Two:

The Facebook pixel
Audiences, targeting & retargeting
Anatomy of a photography facebook ad funnel
Facebook ad strategies for photographers
4-5 real life strategies to implement
Landing pages and why they pair perfectly with Facebook ads
Mistakes that photographers make while running facebook ads and how to avoid them.
Facebook ad hacks and tips

PLUS a recorded Q + A session!


PLUS Editing Tutorials and Posing Guides!

Take a peek inside the community! 


This is for you if:

  • You have an established business or are just getting your feet wet

  • You know that you want to be a popular photographer in your area without feeling burnt out and over-worked every year

  • You feel like you're wasting time at your job instead of investing in your future

  • You're ready to make your business work FOR you instead of against you

  • You're ready to start treating your business like the well oiled machine it deserves to be

  • You're ready to get guidance and do what it takes to make your business work

This isn't for you if:

  • You're more interested in learning about a camera

  • You're a hobbyist and don't have a desire to grow a business

  • You'd prefer that someone else makes decisions about your time and money

  • You want your photo business to stay unorganized and inconsistent

  • You're fine with never improving. You don't like a challenge and getting outside of your comfort zone is too scary
  • You would rather complain about your business not working instead of doing something to fix the problem

  • You want us to build your business for you

Bottom line: this is for you if you want to stop feeling stuck and start feeling the flow of new leads.

Are you ready for your year to look like this?


Megan, your powerhouse business coach, started her business at 18 and went full time by 19 using our mindset strategies to overcome her fear and imposter syndrome surrounding her age. Now, 5 years into business, she uses our business strategies to allow her business to work for her. She has the ability to book more three weddings per Saturday, do minimal editing, ENJOY sales calls with clients, and earns more than six-figures per year.

Ok, this is all sounds great! How do I sign up?

Built with photographers in mind, we created enrolment options that make our program accessible no matter what stage you're at on your business journey.


Full Program 1-Pay



  • Access to New Lessons, Templates, & Guides Every 2 Weeks (Gives you built-in time to do the work for each lesson and helps you stay on track)

  • Private Facebook Group to Get Coached, Build Friendships, and Get Your Questions Answered

  • Save $400!
Sign Me Up!

Full Program 6-Pay

$649 CAD/month


  • Access to New Lessons, Templates, & Guides Every 2 Weeks (Gives you built-in time to do the work for each lesson and helps you stay on track)

  • Private Facebook Group to Get Coached, Build Friendships, and Get Your Questions Answered
I want in!

Full Program 12-Pay

$349 CAD/month

  • Access to New Lessons, Templates, & Guides Every 2 Weeks (Gives you built-in time to do the work for each lesson and helps you stay on track)

  • Private Facebook Group to Get Coached, Build Friendships, and Get Your Questions Answered
Let's Do This!

Unlike other programs, we are actually dedicated to getting you results with our program and want to make your investment risk-free.

It matters to us very much that this makes an actual, quantifiable difference for you and your business.

In addition to the program and money-making bonuses, we're also offering a 365-Day "Do the Work" money back GUARANTEE so that you have a full year to test and re-test our strategies.

We are in the business of wanting to help photographers and if what we offer you doesn't help, just shoot us an email ([email protected]) with your fully completed work, your lack of tangible results and request the refund. Cool?

"Having a degree in teaching myself, I am picky when it comes to good teachers and these two hit the mark."

Megan and Fredrika are AWESOME!! Having a degree in teaching myself, I am picky when it comes to good teachers and these two hit the mark. Their growth mindset, their understanding of the value of their students, and their dedication to growing themselves help set them apart from the other photo business educators. Each coaching call, whether group or individual, I feel comfortable to ask questions or share my own experiences. The course itself is well prepared and delivered in a way that supports multiple learning styles. All this to say I love this course and these awesome humans.

- Sydney B. Photography

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