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The Photo Business School 

 Hosted by Megan and Fredrika of Photo Business Design

A 12 month course designed to take you from overlooked to fully booked
without relying on your images.


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In this program we...

  • Quit our day jobs and take photography full time

  • Book out our calendars with dream clients

  • Master our mindset to embody and act like the true PhotoCEO's we are

Reality check - 


You’ve been stuck in comparison and it’s crushing your business spirits. All you want to do is hit new goals but right now you’re feeling lost in all the

could do, should do, might do. 

No matter how good your daily affirmations are, or how many tarnished pennies you toss into that wishing well, you have no idea how to get your business to stand out in the saturated market you’re in. 


The results we're after FOR YOU

"This has been the most valuable investment I have made, other than my actual camera."


"I was blown away by the depth of content that pushed me out of my comfort zone from the very beginning. I love that I was challenged weekly to make changes to my thought, mindset, habits or processes. The homework often made me deeply consider how I was going about my life, my business and what I really wanted to achieve.
I was constantly encouraged to take action, really beginning the transformation into being the person and PhotoCEO that I aspire to. I gained so much especially from the early weeks around mindset as this has always been a process and a challenge for me, but for once I began to believe that my dream is possible.
The entire program felt like a large, like-minded community encouraging, sharing and learning together. And this includes Megan and Fredrika who openly shared all of themselves with us. I now listen to them talk whenever I need a positive lift, encouragement or kick in the pants."
-Sarah Croft Photography

"I believe joining the PhotoCEO enabled me to pin point and work through a few of my limited beliefs"


"During the [course] I...

-Quit my day job and went full time

-Made some breakthroughs on my social media by showing my face more

-Fine tuned my first initial inquiry/sales call strategy

-Started outsourcing my editing.

Overall it was a great experience and I was sad to see it end. I enjoyed the weekly group training and coaching calls very much."

-Sarah Rolles Photography

I know it feels hard to imagine now,

But you can step into the role of a CEO even if … 

...every time the word "Imposter" jumps in your mind it makes you break out in a cold sweat, roll your eyes, or duck for cover!


...even if your insta following right now is an empty haunted house with broken shutters 


...even if you’re working ‘round the clock—and then hopping in a time machine and going back to get more work done before tomorrow!


...even if you don’t have a full client roster that rivals your competition. (In fact, you’d consider it downright puny.)

It happened for them it can happen for you too

Introducing Your Photo Business School

A complete 12-month group program designed to transform you from overlooked photographer to fully booked PhotoCEO...

And we're not just to give you one more piece of the puzzle.

This is over 17 years of knowledge, trial and error, packed into one course so that you can finally complete your business puzzle and

never have to buy another course on the same topic again.


Phase 1: Foundation

-Mindset for business so that you don't get stuck in procrastination

-Business planning so that you have a clear vision of your mission and where you're going

-Finance and pricing so that you can be profitable ASAP and never feel unsure of what to charge

-Website set up so that you don't get stuck in a perfectionism rabbit hole for hours on end

+ more so that you can get your business off the ground and onto the right foot. With step by step instruction, you won't feel like you're fumbling around.

Phase 2: Grow

-Client first communication to grow your business with referrals and reviews in mind

-Processes so that each client has the same experience and you don't have to spend time and energy on each clients experience to allow more room in your calendar for bookings

-Sales frameworks so that you can sell with confidence without feeling sleazy

+ more so that you can start building traction in your business. Never wait for clients to come to you ever again.

Phase 3: Scale

-Utilizing ads to gain leads even in areas you've never visited before

-Data collection and tracking so that you can predict your income and make informed decisions in your business

- Set up automations so that you can add value to your clients, without the effort

-Build a team so that you can claim the time and financial freedom that peaked your interest in starting a business in the first place

+ more so that you can get your time back and scale your business AND your income 🤑

The Details:


-58+ lessons so you know what to do no matter where you're at. From starting your business to 5 figure months, we've got you covered!


-FB community so that you can have support and feedback every step of the way.


-12 months of Bi weekly group coaching calls to tackle specific topics, give advanced support and have a sense of belonging.


-Course access for 12 months, PLUS unlimited re-open requests so that you can go back to any modules for a re-fresh as needed for a limited time.


Take a peek inside the community in action 


This is for you if:

  • You have an established business or are just getting your feet wet
  • You know that you want to be a leader in the photo space
  • You feel like you're wasting time at your job instead of investing in your future
  • You're ready to get everything working FOR you instead of against you
  • You're ready to start treating your business like the well oiled machine it deserves to be.

This isn't for you if:

  • You're more interested in learning about a camera
  • You're a hobbyist and don't have a desire to grow a business
  • You'd prefer that someone else makes decisions about your time and money
  • You want to stay small
  • You're fine with never improving. You don't like a challenge and getting outside of your comfort zone is too scary.

Bottom line: this is for you if you want to stop feeling stuck and start feeling the flow of new leads.

Are you ready for your 2022 to look like this?


Megan, your coach, started her business at 18, went full time at 19 using our different mindset strategies to overcome her fear and imposter syndrome surrounding her age. Now, 5 years into business, she uses our business strategies to allow her business to work for her. She has the ability to book more three weddings per Saturday, do minimal editing, and ENJOY sales calls with clients.


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