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A little about us:



has been a photographer for 13 years and has worked across Canada and internationally. She went to school for Photojournalism, Psychology and Business and has recently become a member of The Coaching Institute, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. After working with her own mindset coaches and realizing how important mindset was in following through on business strategy (and not getting stuck in wild bouts of comparison and imposter syndrome), she went from booking 1 - 2 shoots per month to 2 - 4 shoots per week.

After 13 years as a photographer and over 825+ people captured, she founded Photo Business Design. Together with Megan, rockstar business partner and fellow photographer, they co-created a Top-Ranked podcast, The PhotoCEO Podcast and The Photo Business School. Rikki is now primarily focused on guiding other photographers to success in their dream businesses and currently works only by referral in her photo business. 



has been a self taught photographer and business woman for 5 years. She was able to go from not knowing how to change a lens on her camera, to full time photographer in one year, by the age of 19.

She's been published more than 10 times, has a team of 10 photographers and videographers across Canada, and makes more than $10K each month in her business.

She's excited to teach you all about business strategies, workflows, automations, so that you too can SCALE your business to the moon!

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